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Roof Rangers provides comprehensive siding and gutter installation services. You can count on us for any siding and gutter repair Rochester NY.

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Roof Rangers Recommends Micro-Mesh Gutter Guards

LeafFilter® Gutter Protection is a microfiltration technique engineered in a type of gutter system that the pros at Roof Rangers recommend to homeowners. Roof oils gradually seep from common asphalt shingle roofing, causing most leaf guards to clog up, but our products solve that problem with filters on the underside of the gutters. The system is simple and works along the same principles of a tent when it rains – touch the inside of the tent and water is released, trickling down your finger. LeafFilter® Gutter Protection is smart roofing technology that saves you from the time and safety risks of constantly cleaning your gutters of debris.

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Types of Siding

  • Vinyl

    Vinyl Siding is a handsome, low maintenance material that can last many decades and Roof Rangers uses high quality materials from KP Siding, including its Norman Rockwell line . Vinyl comes in colors, textures and style that can mimic natural materials, too.

  • Wood

    Wood siding has the beauty and appeal of authentic, traditional home exteriors. It can be painted or stained to achieve the look you want and the right complement to your architecture.

  • Metal

    Metal siding including steel and aluminum are low maintenance and durable. Metal siding materials also come in a variety of colors and styles.

  • Fiber Cement

    Fiber cement siding is very durable. It carries a slightly higher cost but can closely resemble natural wood. Whatever your tastes are in siding, count on Roof Rangers to advise you well and perform excellent work with the best products your money can buy.

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