Roof Repairs

The harsh winter weather in Upstate New York causes serious damage to homes throughout this region. Roof Rangers knows that. We provide roof repair Rochester NY!

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Is Your Roof Damage Covered by Insurance? Let’s Find Out.

Your homeowners insurance provider recognizes that your roof is essential to protecting the value of your home and all of its contents. If your property was subject to unexpected damages, as from one of Rochester’s notorious blizzards or hail storms, your roof might very well be covered fully by your homeowners insurance. With a properly filed claim, clearly documenting all the roof repairs or replacement work necessary, Roof Rangers can help you get the funds you deserve for a full roof restoration.

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Signs that You Need Roof Repairs

It’s not always easy to tell when you need roof repair Rochester NY. However, you should consider calling the pros at Roof Rangers if you notice:

  • Cracked or curled shingles

    Hail, rain, and storms impact your shingles. If you reside in areas that experience intense weather, you should always check for damaged or missing shingles and repair them. Curled ends are indications that the shingles are already worn out. Dark-colored shingles indicate the presence of moisture, which could cause your roof to rot. So keep an eye out for them.

  • Displaced or missing flashing around chimney or vents

    The material that joins your roof to your chimney, vents, and anything else on your roof is called roof flashing. Its duty is to deflect water away from your house and roof. Your roof will decay if there is no flashing, and water will enter inside your house. If your roof's flashing is damaged, it’s a sign that you need immediate roof repairs. If you don't, you can end up needing more costly repairs in the future.

  • Water spots on an interior wall or ceiling

    If you notice water leaking whenever it rains, your roof has fractures or holes that need to be fixed. As the temperature changes, moisture causes the roof to expand and shrink. If you wait too long to repair these, the materials beneath them may expand further, compromising the stability of the entire roof.

  • Icicles forming along your eaves

    Ice dams form when icicles grow on your gutters and eaves, which causes damage to your home's interior and exterior. If an ice dam breaks loose, it can drag roofs and gutters with it, causing damage to anything it hits. When the roof sheathing becomes damp, mildew and rot can also develop causing severe damage to your roof. So when you notice icicles forming along your eaves, they should be addressed as soon as possible.

  • Sagging of your roof decking

    If your roof line sags, slopes, or dips, your roof is in need of repair. Age, water damage, excess weight, design problems, low-quality or poorly sized components, and even bad installation can all contribute to a sagging roof decking. While some drooping may not cause immediate collapse, a sagging roof can be a major problem once ignored. So have them repaired immediately.

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Need Roof Repairs or a Full Replacement? Roof Rangers is Ready

Roofing materials are durable. If your roof is old it may still provide years of protection with just a few repairs, such as shingle replacements, new flashing, soffit or fascia repairs. Set up a FREE consultation with the roof experts and Roof Rangers and we’ll talk straight about the conditions of your roof system and whether you need a roof replacement or just a few repairs.

If you have a commercial building, we also work on flat roof repair Rochester, NY. We are the best commercial roofers in the area so rest assured we can give you the high-quality service you deserve.

Do you qualify for a NEW Roof?

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Roof Repairs Done Right by Roof Rangers

Reach out to our personable staff for a stress-free consultation. We’ll review your options for high-quality roof products and discuss our installation process. We pledge to respect your project budget, too. Let us demonstrate our commitment to fine craftsmanship, honesty, and integrity while enhancing the beauty, safety, and longevity of your home or business!